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World Cup Qualifiers: Ecuador defeated Chile

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The FIFA World Cup Qualifier match was played between Chile and Ecuador on 17 November. Ecuador defeated Chile 2-0 in the qualifier football match in which Arturo Vidal of Chile kicked the player of the opposition team in the face.

Qualifiers matches are being played these days for the FIFA World Cup 2022 to be played in Qatar. The match was played between Chile and Ecuador on Wednesday. Chile and Inter Milan’s star footballer Arturo Vidal was sent off the field for kicking an opponent’s player in the face.

He tried to control the ball with full force while trying to get a long pass near the Ecuadorian penalty box. And finally kicked his opponent in the face. However, during this time Vidal’s gesture felt that he had not kicked intentionally. In view of this incident, the match referee showed Vidal a red card in the 13th minute of the game.

In the match played between the two teams, Ecuador did not allow Chile to last while performing brilliantly and Ecuador defeated Chile in a 2-0 match result. For Ecuador, Pervis Estupin gave his team the lead in the ninth minute. After this, Moises Cassado ensured his team’s victory by scoring a goal in injury time. During this, Chile’s team, playing on the field with 10 players, was seen struggling throughout the match and could not score any goal.

After this defeat, Chile’s chances of qualifying for the FIFA World Cup have been reduced. They are sixth in their group with 16 points. Brazil and Argentina have already qualified for the World Cup whereas, Ecuador is in third place.

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