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World Cup 2022: Fifa writes to all teams

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World Cup 2022: Fifa writes to all teams – All 32 World Cup teams have received letters from Fifa advising them that it is now time to concentrate on the game of football. The competition, which begins on November 20 in Qatar, has generated controversy. For its attitude toward same-sex couples, human rights record, and treatment of migrant labor, Qatar has drawn criticism. Some players have prepared civil protests.

Harry Kane of England and nine other captains of European countries will don armbands with the slogan “One Love.” Denmark’s World Cup uniform supplier, Hummel, stated that it does not want to be seen at a competition that it claims has resulted in thousands of deaths and that it will wear “toned-down” shirts in protest against Qatar. Despite France being the defending champions, Paris and other French cities are refusing to show World Cup events in public spaces. The Australian team has made a film calling on Qatar to repeal its restrictions on same-sex unions.

Jurgen Klopp, manager of Liverpool, said last week that it was unfair to expect athletes to participate in political protests or statements during the competition. And on Thursday, Beth Mead of England expressed disappointment that Qatar was hosting the competition. The event should not be held in the Gulf state, according to Mead, who is openly gay. Other off-field concerns include Fifa’s current ban on Russia following its invasion of Ukraine. Iran should also be excluded from the World Cup, according to the Ukrainian FA, because of its repeated abuses of human rights. They think that the country’s repression of protestors might go against Fifa’s values and rules.

For the very first time, this year World Cup will take place in the winter. The initial proposal by Qatar to hold the finals in air-conditioned stadiums throughout the summer was rejected. Everyone is invited to travel to Qatar to watch the World Cup, according to the country’s World Cup organizers, who also promise that there will be no discrimination. All competing nations have now received letters from the game’s international regulatory organization.

Everyone is welcome regardless of origin, background, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or nationality, the letter from Fifa president Gianni Infantino and secretary general Fatma Samoura states in addition to urging nations to concentrate now on football. We are aware that there are several obstacles and problems of political character present in every country.

For the occasion, seven new stadiums, an airport, roads, and roughly 100 hotels have all been constructed. The majority of the 30,000 foreign workers engaged, according to the government of Qatar, are from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and the Philippines. Human rights organizations have expressed their displeasure with Qatar’s treatment of foreign workers and the number of deaths that have occurred there.

The Guardian reported in February 2021 that since Qatar was given the right to host the World Cup, 6,500 migrant laborers from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka had died there. The sum is calculated using information from the embassies of the countries in Qatar. The Qatari administration, on the other hand, said that the number was incorrect since not all of the fatalities reported involved people doing World Cup-related activities.

According to the government’s accident data, only three of the 37 deaths of workers at World Cup stadium construction sites between 2014 and 2020 were related to their jobs. Additionally, BBC Arabic has gathered evidence that Qatar’s government may have underreported the number of fatalities among foreign laborers. The English Football Association has supported proposals for compensation to be given for any harm or fatality resulting from World Cup construction projects.

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