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Woodhouse recorded thread on Twitter targeting Giggs

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Curtis Woodhouse who is former Premier League midfielder, alleges Ryan Giggs has become an “incredibly overrated Manchester United star”.

The ex-midfielder tweeted thread aiming at Giggs’, claimed his individual output wasn’t enough considering his position and the team he was part of.

“Another massively overrated Manchester United star in Ryan Giggs.” Woodhouse wrote on Twitter.

“Exceptional longevity, but his numbers for goals and assists are bad in a squad that flourished for years and became a free-scoring machine. Another Manchester United myth, great player, nothing more.”

“His squad conquered as they went 22 years of smashing football scoring records. Ryan Giggs was a left-winger so you may be comparing him for a left-back looking at his stats.”

“Giggs didn’t even have a good left foot!! He was an excellent athlete, but his left foot wasn’t that good. His delivery was right, he wasn’t great, he couldn’t splash it, and he was a great athlete.”

“Giggs performed well. Big strength, fantastic speed, steady down the left-hand side. Strong player, not only a fantastic player, in 22 attempts has never had a world-class season but always a great match. A good steady player, never poor but never amazing.”

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