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Will Mike Arteta help Arsenal to get back among the best again?

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Coronavirus outbreak has been a disaster tr o the world, it has affected everything including sports also. Due to COVID-19, the fixtures of the Premier League were kept on halt last month. In fourth successive season outside the top four of the Premier League, The Gunners were about to finish it but unfortunately due to Coronavirus pandemic they couldn’t. 

Earlier the Arsenal was on the top in the list of football clubs but now they have found themselves 8 points behind, that is when Olympiacos knocked them out of the  Europa League.

The Arsenal goalie believes that Mike Arteta will bring back the club Arsenal among the best again.

Arteta has spent his final 5 seasons at the Emirates Stadium where he also won FA Cup twice in December, and also grabbed 10th place in the squad at the table. Artera returns to Emirates Stadium and is set to finish again outside the top four, Manuel Almunia has faith on him as the head coach.

According to Evening Standard reports Almunia is back to his fellow Spaniard for bringing Arsenal back to a long term success.

Marca who is an ex-Arsenal goalkeeper comment on the loss of the former club, ” It’s a shame to see Arsenal like this, being the big club they are.” 

Marca now works as a coach in the United Arab Emirates.

“They should be in the Champions League and higher up the league for the history, infrastructure, British and global fans and the attraction in general.” Says the Ex-Arsenal goalkeeper 

“Sooner or later, they’re going to be among the best again, and I’m sure Mikel’s going to help with that. He’s been a player not long ago.” added the new coach of UAE.

“He shared the dressing room with some of the players he’s coaching now, and he knows what modern football is like, and he’s going to know what’s best for them. He has to be given time.” – says Marca

Arteta left his role to take up the top job at Arsenal on the staff of Pep Guardiola in Manchester City.