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Wilfried Zaha is scared of Instagram comments

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Premier League player Wilfried Zaha shares he is “scared” to open Instagram as the amount of racial comments he gets.

The flood of racial violence is unacceptable thus he has been forced to delete Twitter.

“For example, for Black footballers, being on Instagram is no longer even enjoyable,” Zaha told Darren Lewis of CNN.

“You don’t enjoy your profile because I’m afraid I don’t even look up my direct messages anymore. It could be filled with something.”

“I don’t even have Twitter on my phone anymore because it’s almost certain you’re going to get some sort of violence, particularly after games and things, because it’s occurring too openly.”

“The same 12-year-old boy called three other players, racially abused them as well, in my team. And this isn’t OK. Even after I reported the 12-year-old abuse, I guess I reported 50 accounts on which I abused again, despite the stuff I had before.”

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