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Why fantasy sport is the new time-pass

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Fantasy sports are online prediction games where participants assemble a virtual team of real-life athletes.

Individual players’ in-game performances can gain points, which is generally done by converting statistics into in-game points and awards.

Recently, there has been an increased buzz around fantasy sports, notably the Mobile premier league and others.

While many underlying factors have influenced the fast-growing popularity of fantasy sport, some key elements stand out.

Why fantasy sport is the new time-pass

Availability of cheap smartphones

The increased availability of cheap, high-quality smartphones means that more and more people have potential access to fantasy sport and gaming.

Youth demographic

The increasing youth population in the subcontinent has been pivotal in a rising fantasy sport.

With the current generation spending more and more time on smartphones and social media, fantasy sport has allowed them to socialize and have more fun-filled interactions and competitions with their peers.

Organizational Backing

A large part of the success and growth we see in the arena of Fantasy sport can be in a great deal thanks to the adequate backing and support offered by the system.

And we have a suitable platform for you; Buaksib is one of the most emerging sites in the fantasy sports game.

Buaksib’s UX and UI is more accessible to new users.

You can download the app on the Playstore or Apple store.

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