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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Wayne Rooney doesn’t want Thiago to join Liverpool

Wayne Rooney doesn’t want Thiago to join Liverpool

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“I hoped Thiago would not join Liverpool”, admitted Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney emphasizing that the Bayern Munich star is one of the best midfielders around.

The former England international and new captain of Derby County told about Thiago’s qualities The Sunday Times: “He nearly came to United in 2013 and now Liverpool is linked to him. He’s one of the greatest midfielders around-I only hope he’s not moving there! ”

“He can take the ball, stay cool on it, hold it going on – then he’ll bring his foot in. He’s an all-round midfielder, actually, with a bit of everything. He backs up Bayern’s push then slips into the center -halves to take the ball, but he can still join while they’re playing in the other box as well,” he added.

“He is a fantastic player. It would be great indeed to see him at the Premier League.”

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