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Wales manager Page insisted to ban Gold for Bale

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Wales manager Page insisted to ban Gold for Bale. Page was unavoidably questioned about the restrictions governing their camp leading up to the 2022 World Cup because nearly every football fan in the world is aware of Gareth Bale’s penchant for a round of golf. Page has made it plain that throughout the competition, the 33-year-old may only concentrate on football.

Yeah. There isn’t any golf. In response to a question regarding the schedule, he acknowledged that we were there to complete a task and added, In the past, I would have Gareth, Kieffer Moore, or Aaron Ramsey approach me and ask, “What’s the plan for tomorrow afternoon?” Do you attend meetings?

No, there are no meetings, so if you want to play nine holes, go ahead. This time, though, he has rejected the notion, but that is to be expected since a doubleheader is coming up in a week. We won’t have enough time out there. There is a game every four days. It never stops.

Wales hasn’t participated in a World Cup since 1958, so expectations are low, but anticipation is still at an all-time high. Bale’s motivation is through the roof as he enters Qatar having just won the MLS Cup with his current team, LAFC. This is most likely the first and only World Cup Bale competes in.

Bale will have ample time to play a few rounds of golf wherever he chooses in the world before returning to football mode to represent his country on the international arena with just under two weeks until the World Cup begins.

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