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Vieri: Pirlo will do correct things for Juventus despite inexperience 

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A conversation between legendary Italian striker Christian Vieri and Corriere della Sera has been reported by numerous Italian media. Vieri spoke about the new Juventus, led by Andrea Pirlo.

Vieri believes that Pirlo, despite his inexperience, will be able to put things in the right place and also believes that the Old Lady has a great team.

“Juventus has a devastating squad. Chiellini’s return to the field will draw other players as well. Then there is Cristiano. A man from another planet, unstoppable, indestructible,” the legendary Italian striker pointed out.

“I don’t see any risk for Juventus. If you feel like a coach, you have to be ready at any time and at any level. It is true that he has no experience, but as a player, Andrea went through everything at the highest levels. He has a very important experience, he knows very well Juventus midfielder Andrea Agnelli has chosen him as Laporta Guardiola. Now it’s all up to him. He is aware that he will always have a strong team and a club structured to win,” he said of Pirol’s appointment as head coach.

In the end, Vieri also touched our Edin Dzeko, who will apparently strengthen the Old Lady.

“In the end, with Dzeko or some other striker of that quality, we were on the verge of perfection,” Vieri concluded.

Let us remind you, among other clubs, this great striker in his career, played for Juventus, Lazio, Inter, Milan, Atletico, Atalanta.