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Vidal: Bayern are winners in Bundesliga but Barcelona is world’s best team

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Barcelona is the best team in the world claimed Arturo Vidal and they are prepared to play against Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals of the Champions League on Friday.

“I noticed something but I didn’t pay much attention, I know the Bayern players, and what they say outside isn’t what they think. They’re not competing against the Bundesliga teams tomorrow, but against Barcelona, the best team in the world,” Vidal said to Goal.

“I appreciate the fans’ doubts because we haven’t represented our level in the league and that’s why we’ve lost, but we’ve got Leo and some fantastic players, that’s why I think we’re the greatest squad in the world and we want to prove that tomorrow.”

“I don’t know whether I deserve to be a starter, I guess we all want to compete, and it’s the coach that gets to pick who’s going to start.”

On Bayern, Vidal added: “They’re winners in the Bundesliga and earned the Cup, but we’re Barcelona, so if we do everything we think we’re going to do, we’re going to make improvements, we’re going to try to leave everything on the field.”

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