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Victor Font: in return for a lifetime contract Messi can help in wage reduction

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On the need to extend forward Lionel Messi’s contract, Barcelona presidential candidate Victor Font has spoken to Mundo Deportivo.

– Should a contract extension for Messi, who will turn 34 in June, be a priority?

– It is an absolute priority from three points of view: sporting, economic and institutional. From a sporting point of view, the structure led by Xavi believes it is important to keep Messi.

Economically, it’s important because next year requires a significant reduction in wages and we believe Messi can help us by contributing to that in return for a lifetime contract.

From an institutional point of view, it’s important because the Barca-Messi association is strategically important.

– What do you know about Messi’s intentions?

– It is very clear to me that he has always talked about wanting to finish his career at Barça, and the most important thing in making that decision is not friendship with the president, but whether the sports project seems to be a success for him. The fact that Xavi is the leader of our sports project is great news for Messi.

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