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Vega: Tottenham is willing to cash in on Harry Kane

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Ramon Vega suggests that if Tottenham is unwilling to balance its desire, Harry Kane might put in a trade offer and claims that the team will be willing to cash in on England’s captain.

“Temptation is still there. It’s a company, to be honest when a guy is in demand and someone is willing to pay the top dollar,” the former Spurs defender told Stats Perform News.

“Then you might have three or four players with that kind of money that you can buy. I think Harry Kane can command top dollars and maybe you can pull in some top stars with that income.”

“It’s just a case of whether or not Harry Kane decides to go? In my point of view, he’s a Spurs guy, he’s risen through the ranks,” he added.

“Yet at the same time he needs to win some titles, you don’t want to carry on playing for Spurs for 20 years and not achieve anything. You get to a point where you say ’I need to carry to win those titles so I will just get back afterward.”

“A lack of success in the Champions League would certainly always be a consideration for Kane. I think that’s going to be one of next season’s crucial parts; if he sees the club isn’t challenging for the title or even the top four, he might think he’ll have to leave, possibly halfway through the season if he thinks they’re not going anywhere.”

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