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Van Dijk talks on losing to Italy – “we were poor in our possession”

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The Netherlands had been appropriately punished for performing inadequately in the League of Nations clash and losing to Italy on Monday, claimed Virgil van Dijk.

“It was a bad game for us,” said Liverpool Defender to NOS. 

“We just couldn’t put them under pressure, we were poor in our possession.”

“Neither did the pitch support, but that shouldn’t be an excuse. We’re going to be better that’s the conclusion of tonight.”

“The first half wasn’t good. We tried to turn it around after the break, and you saw that sometimes it was better, but overall it wasn’t a good match.”

“You want to put all the pressure on, and at some point, the players get tired, too. It’s hard to keep up with that, and when we have the ball, keep going.”

“But I will not make excuses. In particular, the first half was average too bad.”

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