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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Valencia won over Valladolid after losing eight games straight

Valencia won over Valladolid after losing eight games straight

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Valencia ended an eight-game winless run and, pulled away from the relegation zone with a 1-0 win at Valladolid in the Spanish League on Sunday.

After video analysis, Valencia had a late goal by Manu Vallejo disallowed and Valladolid almost equalized when substitute Sergi Guardiola hit the woodwork in stoppage time with a header.

To give Valencia its first league victory since a 4-1 rout of Real Madrid in November, Carlos Soler scored in the 76th minute with a shot from outside the area.

Valencia moved to 13th position after the away victory with 19 points from 18 matches. It was sitting just outside the entrance of the weekend relegation zone. Valladolid remained in 16th place.

Valladolid 0 – 1 Valencia

Goals: 0-1 Soler 76

Bookings: Gonzalez, Orellana; Soler, Diakhaby, Correia

Valladolid: Masip, Nacho, Sanchez, Gonazelz, Perez, Fede, Mesa, Villa, Kike, Jota, Weissman

Substitutiosns: Guardiola,Hervias, Alcaraz, Orellana, Plano

Valencia: Domenech, Correia, Diakhaby, Sanmartin, Gaya, Wass, Soler, Racic,Ceryshev, Lee, Gomez

Substitutions: Lato, Vallejo, Musah

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