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Updates of current Premier League season and imminent new season

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Usually, Premier League’s new season starts in early August, but this year the Premiership would begin late as it was clear seeing the coronavirus situation.

On September 12 the new season of the Premiership will begin, which will last until May 23.

The dates were revealed on the official Twitter profile of the Premier League.

In the 38th round of the Premiership Liverpool are the new champions, that Manchester City will remain second in the table and that Norwich has already been relegated.

The current season is nearing to an end this week, it will be known by then who will definitely be eliminated and who will go to the European competitions.

While Manchester United, Chelsea and Leicester are fighting for a place in the Champions League, Aston Villa, Watford, and Bournemouth are in the fight to stay. Wolves and Tottenham are fighting for a place in the Europa League, as well as Arsenal, which can reach that goal if they win the FA Cup on August 1, when they play against Chelsea.

In the Premiership next season, Leeds United and West Bromwich Albion will play.

After a play-off is played in which Brentford, Fulham, Cardiff, and Swansea play, the third passenger will be known from the Championship to the Premiership.

Brentford and Swansea will meet in the semi-finals of the playoffs, while Fulham will play against Cardiff. The play-off winner will play in the Premiership next season.

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