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United is eager to make a bid for Kane

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According to Tim Sherwood, the ex-Spurs manager, Harry Kane will decide about his future very soon whether he’s going to stay in Tottenham or join Manchester United. 

Kane will turn 27 by the time he starts next season, has confessed that he would not remain with Tottenham “for the sake of it.” United was eager to make a bid for a prolific player.

The Red Devils are expected to have to pay more than £150 m to sign Kane who is yet to win any silverware in his career.

“It’s like Alan Shearer.”. “He finishes fourth with Blackburn Rovers [in 1992-93], then second [in 1993-94]. Manchester United are all over him. But he decides to stay because he believes we have the quality to win it, and we did the next season.

“Harry needs to assess this himself. I would wait to see what they do in the summer.

“They’ve got a manager who has not gone there to only finish inside the top four. Harry will know very soon if the club is willing to spend that money to give themselves that opportunity of winning the league.” Sherwood told to Daily Mail.

The England international has a big decision to make if an offer is to be made, and Sherwood, who handed Kane his full Spurs debut, believes that the next few weeks might be telling.

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