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HomeEPL (English Premier League)UEFA appointed disciplinary inspector for discrimination during Germany vs Hungary match 

UEFA appointed disciplinary inspector for discrimination during Germany vs Hungary match 

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UEFA is investigating “potentially discriminatory incidents” that occurred during Germany’s 2-2 draw with Hungary at the European Championships, European football’s governing body said on Friday. UEFA did not provide details about the events of Wednesday’s match in Munich and said in a statement that it had appointed an ethics and disciplinary inspector to investigate the matter.

Germany hosted a 16-match clash with England when a late goal from Leon Goretzka saved the four-time world champion’s draw, while the Hungarians were eliminated. Before the launch, a protester waving a rainbow flag invaded the field, while fans inside and outside the stadium put up similar banners to show support for LGBTQ rights.

In protest of anti-LGBTQ legislation in Hungary, UEFA rejected a request from the mayor of Munich to light the stadium in rainbow colors for the game. Mayor Dieter Reiter wanted to highlight legislation in Hungary that prohibits school material believed to promote homosexuality and gender change and which prohibits the media from displaying such material in programs accessible to minors.

Last weekend, UEFA also launched an investigation into Hungary’s matches against Portugal and France in Budapest. During Hungary’s opening match against Portugal in Budapest, images on social networks showed banners with “anti-LGBTQ” on them – the Hungarian abbreviation for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer.

Ahead of Hungary’s match against France, Hungarian fans displayed a banner at the Puskas Arena urging players not to get on their knees to protest racism. Recently, Netherlands captain Georginio Wijnaldum also urged UEFA to protect players and take stronger action against racism. He also threatened to walk off the field if any Netherlands player would face racial abuse.

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