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Tuchel on Atletico 1-0: Chelsea deserved the victory

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Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel has reviewed the results of the Champions League first leg against Atletico Madrid (1-0).

“Fantastic result, fantastic goal. Deserved win. We wanted to dominate on the opponents’ half, not to lose concentration, not to make simple mistakes, and always keep their quick counterattacks in mind,” said Tuchel to BBC.

“It was a very disciplined performance – a well-deserved zero-sum game. Hard work, team effort were the basis for the big win.”

“We knew Atletico could close down defensively. We told the guys that if that happens, it shows our level and [the opponent’s] respect for us. We wanted to be brave and play in someone else’s half of the pitch.”

“We knew they were ready to endure being in a penalty box with eight men. We did not let them breathe and go out on the counterattack. This result is a great reward. It is one of the toughest tasks to break down a defense like Atlético de Madrid’s.”

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