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Tuchel on 1.5-year contract: It bothered me at first, I didn’t like the length of the contract

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Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea head coach has made his remark on the signing of an 18-month contract with the option of a season-long extension.

“It bothered me at first. It was all done in 72 hours and at first, I didn’t like the length of the contract. I thought I wasn’t trusted. It was not easy because I had to leave my country, my family and our team were also far behind in fourth place.”

“There is still a chance of not being in the top four, so it would be easy for me to be dismissed in that case,” Tuchel told Rio Ferdinand.

“But after a few minutes, I thought: what difference does it make? I’ve lifted that weight off my shoulders. If the club likes my work, my agreement will be extended.”

“If I do not perform well enough if we do not get the results we need if the management does not like me, then they will fire me anyway. You can sign a contract for five years and then they will fire you. So there’s no need to worry about that.”

“Do I have confidence in myself? Yes. Am I confident in the club, the team, that this is the right league for me? Yeah, yeah, yeah. So there is no need to worry about the numbers.”

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