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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Trabzonspor was suspended from the Champions League and Europa League

Trabzonspor was suspended from the Champions League and Europa League

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The club failed to meet financial goals at the end of the financial year-2019 and suspended Trabzonspor from the Champions League and Europa League for one season reported the official site of UEFA.

Thus, Trabzonspor violated the rules of the financial fake play. If they qualify for the European Cups the team will be forced to miss one European Cup season – next or 2021/22. 

The Turks did not comply with the terms of the agreement, which was concluded since May 2016, noted UEFA.

If Trabzonspor had shown the necessary results in the fiscal year 2019, the punishment would not have been applied.

This news is particularly painful for Trabzonspor in light of the fact that now the team fights for the championship with Bashakshehir – both clubs have 53 points after 26 tours.

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