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Top Best 25 Football Jersey and Kit of 2022

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Look at the best top 25 Football Jersey and Football Kits of 2022 before the year ends. Everyone has a point of view, therefore there’s no need in being undecided. Football shirts have their own culture, complete with a history, myth, and element of magic. Your childhood shirts, the first shirts you bought, the shirts you liked, loathed, and everything in between is all examples of shirts. When it comes to providing us with good, bad, and ugly in equal measure, 2022 has been no different from any other year in that regard.

Here’s the list:

Top Best 25 Football Jersey and Kit of 2022

25 Celtic away

It’s not common to see green pinstripes on black shirts, but if any team can pull it off, it’s this one. Adidas’ modern effort is stylish and well-rounded, whereas Celtic’s new uniform is influenced by the 1990s. Even a betting sponsor couldn’t bring a negative spin to this one because of the gorgeous bits of silver.

Adidas Celtic away shirt 2022/23

Top Best 25 Football Jersey and Kit of 2022

24 Hull City third

Hull City had the same top last season, so it’s a little bit of a cheat, but it’s still here and we still enjoy it. Other than the fact that the blackout kit has a new sponsor, why mess with genius? This one has modest stripes, and the club crest and Umbro logo have both been blackened out. Alternately, use a large Sharpie and any football shirt to make your own blackout shirt.

Umbro Hull City third shirt 2022/23

Top Best 25 Football Jersey and Kit of 2022

23 Tottenham third

Sky blue appears on some of Tottenham’s prettiest jerseys. The odd anniversary shirt resembled a Blackburn shirt, which seemed new even if it wasn’t much favored. Conversely, the Spurs recently released a sky-blue effort that integrated the vertical lines of the new stadium. But this one seems to be one of the most important in a long time. With Spurs supporters seeking to create lasting memories in this under Antonio Conte, it is purposefully bright and bold as the Lilywhites begin Champions League play. As a result, it may gain popularity during the course of the season.

Nike Tottenham Hotspur third shirt 2022/23

Top Best 25 Football Jersey and Kit of 2022

22 AC Milan home

Simply because it’s so difficult to innovate black and white stripes, Puma deserves additional credit on this one. God knows they’ve attempted before. The Italian flag around the cuffs is a devastatingly gorgeous detail, but the effort’s simplicity makes me think of the early 2000s. By far, Puma’s best work since its partnership with Milan is this.

Puma AC Milan home shirt 2022/23

Top Best 25 Football Jersey and Kit of 2022

21 Lazio away

The white and blue football boots that Mizuno is best known for—possibly the only thing recognized for—were all the rage in the early 2000s and were primarily worn by Rivaldo. It is therefore a quite pleasant surprise to see them release one of the cutest football shirts in 2022. The new kit supplier for Lazio is a Japanese company. Even though the home and third stripes are fantastic, the away strip’s blue-to-yellow gradient that wraps around the manufacturer’s emblem really grabs the viewer’s attention. Twenty years after our previous consideration of Mizuno, we’re back on board.

Mizuno Lazio away shirt 2022/23

Top Best 25 Football Jersey and Kit of 2022

20 Manchester City away

Sometimes playing classic tunes is a safe bet. When it comes to dressing Pep Guardiola in outfits that would make his children uncomfortable and cheesing off the designer of the iconic Hacienda look, Puma has come up with some bizarre ideas to make Manchester City young and hip after an attempt to reflect the heart of Manchester was deemed appropriation by those whose approval it sought. For many, black and red stripes make up the classic City away uniform instead of effervescent yellow or the latest abomination in fashion. We’re willing to make a concession for a shirt that transports us by having Puma rotate them slightly. In fact, we enjoy it quite a bit. And the yellow accents are the icing on the cake.

Puma Manchester City away shirt 2022/23

Top Best 25 Football Jersey and Kit of 2022

19 Brentford away

Has there ever been a terrible light blue football shirt? Send us a postcard if you can. We are unable to recall if there is. Since two years ago, Brentford has alternated shirts to help the environment and the wallets of fans. However, this means that more work is obviously going into each jersey because fewer are being published. The Bees’ ancient castle badge appears on the new away shirt, which again blends light blue with a navy that is exquisitely complementary to it and has a magnificent horizontal texture at the base.

Umbro Brentford away shirt 2022/23

Top Best 25 Football Jersey and Kit of 2022

18 Barcelona home

The Barcelona home shirt from the previous season served as evidence that the Blaugrana stripes may absolutely go wrong; this season’s effort, though, represents a return to form for Nike. Barcelona has fared better than Robert Lewandowski, thanks to the addition of navy to the traditional blue and scarlet, a better sponsor, and gold accents. The away shirt is equally stunning.

Nike Barcelona home shirt 2022/23

Top Best 25 Football Jersey and Kit of 2022

17 Stuttgart away

It’s hazardous to update a classic, especially if you didn’t create the original in the first place. However, Jako’s recreation of the renowned 1997 Stuttgart away top is so well-liked that it truly stands up to the original. The new one does nothing unusual other than include badge imprints into the design’s base, which is exactly why it looks so fantastic. Such a simple design, painstakingly re-rendered with no fuss or embellishments. The fact that they didn’t need to make it look particularly dazzling is an indication of ageless design.

Jako Stuttgart away shirt 2022/23

Top Best 25 Football Jersey and Kit of 2022

16 Bournemouth away

In fact, Bournemouth has palm trees; there is a row of them in Lansdowne directly across from Inferno, but even though this shirt is merely hazily summery and reminiscent of Bournemouth, it is still quite lovely. It’s loud without seeming ludicrous, colorful without being overly garish, and even better, you can buy it unsponsored without the Dafabet branding.

Umbro Bournemouth away shirt 2022/23

Top Best 25 Football Jersey and Kit of 2022

15 Lille third

Huge checkmarks are placed next to simplicity, an unobtrusive sponsor, and a plain circular collar, with Lille’s dog logo repeating all over the shirt, a checkmark next to a nice pattern.  And anything covered in gold looks fantastic. This season, Lille has worn three beautiful shirts, but the third one is by far the best.

New Balance Lille third shirt 2022/23

Top Best 25 Football Jersey and Kit of 2022

14 Blackburn away

It’s hardly an exaggeration to say that Blackburn Rovers has worn some of the most incredible football shirts in history. Except for Grasshopper, no one does blue and white halves as well as they do, and some of their red, navy and yellow change clothes belong in a Premier League museum. The 2022 model is a Macron exclusive and features the emblem embroidered all over the fabric in a stunning shade of indigo. We’re sold as soon as you add a wacky sponsor, a stylish collar, and a smoldering Chilean to the promotional photos. Even though Ben Brereton Diaz is in the final year of his contract, he isn’t yet.

Macron Blackburn Rovers away shirt 2022/23

Top Best 25 Football Jersey and Kit of 2022

13 Real Madrid home

How many Real Madrid shirts have become indisputable classics for the conceivably biggest club ever? So few, in fact. The majority of the shirts Cristiano Ronaldo wore during Real’s resurgence over the past ten years are essentially interchangeable, with the exception of perhaps one of the Galactico outfits. All of them are white. About all, we can recall is that. It feels like a long time since Real Madrid has looked this beautiful, which may be why the 2022–23 home jersey is so nice. The logo printed across the shirt, the magnificent collar, and the elegant lilac accents are all stunning. A shirt befitting European royalty.

Adidas Real Madrid home shirt 2022/23

Top Best 25 Football Jersey and Kit of 2022

12 Fulham home

With Fulham taking their time to finalize a deal for a new shirt sponsor and Adidas delaying the release of the Premier League jerseys, there was concern that the Cottagers would actually begin the season wearing last season’s attire. We can safely say that they both merited the wait. While the West London Whites have worn some dubious uniforms over the years, some fans still remember the one-armed Puma top from the 2000s. However, this season’s effort is nothing short of spectacular. The collar and cuffs are woven with wavy lines, and the base is a crisp white with the ideal ratio of black and red. The distant top is also one of the closest seconds.

Adidas Fulham home shirt 2022/23

Top Best 25 Football Jersey and Kit of 2022

11 Venezia third

Venetian FC could be mocked for being more of a fashion house than a football team. Let’s face it: jokes are a little too easy when a team is immediately demoted back to Serie B. But once more, the Italian team is the league’s best-dressed team. The third jersey in glittering gold with a thick black collar is the best of the three Kappa jerseys, all of which have a newly designed V emblem.

Kappa Venezia third shirt 2022/23

Top Best 25 Football Jersey and Kit of 2022

10 Nottingham Forest third

Although Macron has never produced Premier League uniforms, Nottingham Forest’s efforts this season have all been fantastic. The third is a navy blue with bits of peach and sky blue that look ultramodern while evoking the Tricky Trees’ previous era of professional football.

Macron Nottingham Forest third shirt 2022/23

Top Best 25 Football Jersey and Kit of 2022

9 Real Betis away

Sincerely, you loan Hector Bellerin out to a team for a year, and they overnight become Spain’s most fashionable squad. Although the Real Betis home shirt is great, the away shirt is superior. Basketball is a perennial favorite, and Hummel has created something simple that will never go out of style using two subtly different colors of blue. Diego Maradona probably isn’t that guy in the picture on the left via a time machine.

Hummel Real Betis home shirt 2022/23

Top Best 25 Football Jersey and Kit of 2022

8 Roma home

According to rumors, Roma will wear Adidas in the upcoming campaign. Which, of course, will be fantastic, but let’s not overlook how brilliant New Balance has been in the short period that they have been producing Roma uniforms. The home kit for this season is just stunning, with delicate lines cut into the fabric and vivid trim to contrast with that rich, deep crimson. The reigning champions of the Europa Conference have worn some incredible uniforms over the years, and this one ranks right up there with the best.

New Balance Roma home shirt 2022/23

Top Best 25 Football Jersey and Kit of 2022

7 Arsenal away

These days, you know what to anticipate from both Adidas and Arsenal. However, although Adidas has primarily updated previous icons for the Gunners, this one is brand-new and is really appreciated. This time, the pattern is more reminiscent of the Emirates than Highbury. The color is a starker black with gold ornamentation rather than the traditional blue with vintage yellow. The canon emblem from the away effort from the previous season is still present, and a modern round collar is also employed. For Gooners, there is nothing not to love about this; in 20 years, they’ll be making remakes of it.

Adidas Arsenal away shirt 2022/23

Top Best 25 Football Jersey and Kit of 2022

6 Bristol City away

Once again, Hummel has excelled. Although not at all novel, Bristol City’s away kit is stylish and sleek and totally nails a feature of football shirts that aren’t utilized enough. All three of City’s top performers this season could have appeared on this list, in fact. The third is based on robin feathers, and the home is an effort reminiscent of Arsenal with a Hummel logo that matches the shirt’s color. In our opinion, the away shirt is one of the league’s classiest, but it’s also ideal for the team to wear when Nigel Pearson is grabbing them by the neck.

Hummel Bristol City away shirt 2022/23

Top Best 25 Football Jersey and Kit of 2022

5 Southampton away

There would be no getting away from it this summer if it were a shirt from a bigger team. Consider Ajax’s Bob Marley shirt from the previous year: there were more of those at Glastonbury than tents. We would never hear the last of it if a well-known European team, such as Borussia Dortmund or AC Milan, showed up to the Champions League sporting a top that appeared to have been cut from The Great Wave off Kanagawa. The south shore is reportedly the inspiration for this piece, and the way the blues and yellow blend together is really wonderful. As full neutrals, we sincerely hope the Saints qualify for the Champions League so that this top will be seen as the true masterpiece that it is.

Hummel Southampton away shirt 2022/23

Top Best 25 Football Jersey and Kit of 2022

4 Burnley home

With Vincent Kompany spreading his center-backs and dropping midfielders into the build-up play, Sean Dyche’s long-ball era is now over. The wagering partner is no more. It has been redesigned from the dreary claret and blue of the past. Not only is this the best sponsorship we’ve seen all year, but the apparel it comes with is equally stunning. The collar and cuffs are also thick, and the odd designs of the admittedly poor Burnley logo are blown up and splashed all over in half-tone patterns as a 90s homage.

Umbro Burnley home shirt 2022/23

Top Best 25 Football Jersey and Kit of 2022

3 Ajax away

It is now a guarantee that Ajax will dominate the market for European football uniforms. They are a highlight of the calendar, whether it be with an icy blue masterpiece, or a straightforward black/white/gold top that they wear all the way to a European semifinal. Because they formerly ventured to display a sponsor vertically, we infer that they had this privileged heritage. Ajax chose lush simplicity over something louder and more patriotic, but the team’s away jersey this year reminds fans of the Champions League champions of 1995 with its deep blue and red elements. Everything fits together wonderfully because of the collar.

Adidas Ajax away shirt 2022/23

Top Best 25 Football Jersey and Kit of 2022

2 Crystal Palace away

You can debate amongst yourselves as to whether Erling Haaland or Darwin Nunez is this season’s finest new addition to the Premier League. We are all aware that it is Macron. The manufacturer did an excellent job with Crystal Palace’s scribbles this season, which can be seen on the home, away, and third kits as a method to update the colors without completely alienating half the fans. The fact that the same idea is applied to all three shirts is fantastic, with the away shirt being the standout. It has a nicer sponsor, is plain and tidy, and has a simple decoration that looks fantastic. The Crystal Palace shirt might be the nicest one since TDK.

Macron Crystal Palace away shirt 2022/23

Top Best 25 Football Jersey and Kit of 2022

1 Norwich City home

The much-needed revamp of the Norwich City badge has resulted in a fantastic new appearance. The letters of this sophisticated Lotus logo, an elite sponsor, fit nicely between the elegant pinstripes. The collar is a wonderful wrap, and the hues of yellow and green work beautifully together. The fact that the Canaries followed this up with a dark red that was nearly as beautiful was just bragging. It may be the biggest injustice in football since the Hand of God if Dean Smith’s team isn’t promoted in these discussions.

Joma Norwich City home shirt 2022/23

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