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Tony Adams finds Ozil unlucky being circled in a mess, yet a great talent

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Mesut Ozil would be sold out today by Arsenal if they got the right offer, claims Tony Adams.

As Ozil is still an “an enormous talent surrounded by a lot of mess”, Tony considers the World Cup winner unlucky.

The former Arsenal captain said to Stadium Astro: “I think I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt. He’s a very laid-back kind of guy, he’s not getting too frustrated with anything, to be honest with you. He’s just going through the motions a little bit – what we’d call in our day; bit players today are very different, they’re not being questioned in the training.”

“I think Ozil, he’s a really sweet and calm guy so don’t judge him too fast. He is a talented, and half the job of a head coach is to get the best out of that talent.”

“There are so many other factors and that’s where I guess it comes in for the Ozil brand and the people on the outside, so the agents get interested.”

“In truth, if you look under all of that, there’s a very nice guy in there, a very shy boy, who’s got huge talent, but he’s surrounded by a lot of mess.”

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