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Thomas Tuchel is unfazed about his PSG future

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Thomas Tuchel was not worried as the Paris Saint-Germain coach under pressure.

About his future at Paris Saint-Germain amid pressure on the coach, Thomas Tuchel insisted he was unconcerned.

PSG again failed at home to Manchester United in Tuesday’s 2-1 Champions League, following the loss Tuchel’s status as the coach of the Ligue 1 giants is again being challenged.

Tuchel is ignoring speculation over his future, according to beIN Sport, telling a news conference: “I don’t go on the Internet to Google my name. I know how difficult it is here. That’s okay for me. I expect nothing else.”

“I can imagine how it looks from outside. I can rely on myself and on my staff, everybody here at the Ooredoo [PSG training ground] and my relationship with the team. This is what we are going to do and hopefully, we will produce results. That’s what is necessary.”

“We are part of this club and we keep on going.”

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