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Thomas Tuchel comments on Chelsea vs Porto – It was a tough fight

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Chelsea lost to Porto in the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals second leg but reached to semi-finals with scores from the previous match. Despite winning over the Blues, the Portuguese giants left their journey of Champions League finals. Head coach Thomas Tuchel has shared his thoughts on Chelsea vs Porto clash in the Champions League quarter-final return leg (0-1, 2-0 first leg).

“It was a tough fight. Maybe it wasn’t the best game to watch, but from the kick-off it looked very intense, very fast. It was difficult to play with Porto and get away from the pressure,” Tuchel said to UEFA official website.

“Porto attack in a fluid and aggressive way. They change positions all the time. They come from behind, they overlap and you have to adapt to many movements.”

“After a difficult start, we played better every minute. We defended well, deserved to play on nil, we had better chances but we did not score. Overall, we deservedly beat Porto after 180 minutes,” said Tuchel on Chelsea vs Porto battle.

“Part of the performance is to not let the other team perform and we did this today. Until the lucky shot in the last minute, we did not concede any chances. Chelsea missed some counter-attacks and some touches in the final third to create a little more but we are a young team. We had two guys who scored their first goals in the Champions League in the first leg. We have to accept the circumstances,” he added.

“I have no wishes in terms of the opponent in the semi-finals, but on the whole, I do not like to play against a team from my own championship in the Champions League.”

“The rivalry between Real Madrid and Liverpool is far from over, I will watch the game and as a semi-finalist it will be a pleasure. Anything is possible, Liverpool are very strong at home.”

Watch Chelsea vs Porto match highlights here.

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