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Thomas Tuchel appreciated Moise Kean

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Moise Kean scored another goal for Paris Saint-Germain and coach Thomas Tuchel praised the striker.

Moise Kean is “very tough to play against” claims Thomas Tuchel after his goalscoring form was continued by the Paris Saint-Germain striker.

In Saturday’s 3-0 Ligue 1 victory over Rennes, Kean scored his fifth goal, being on loan at PSG from Everton.

“[Kean] has a big heart, he puts on intensity. He is not afraid, he is courageous. He does what is necessary,” the PSG coach told a news conference.

“I wouldn’t want to be a defender against him right now, it’s really hard to play against him.”

“It’s very important for us because we miss that at certain times.”

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