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Thibaut Courtois admits being in happy place at Real Madrid

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The Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois is preparing for his new team’s Champions League crucial semi-final against Chelsea on Wednesday with a 1–1 overall score after the first leg from last week in Madrid, in which he played an important role. After initially appearing on the club as a replacement to Keylor Navas and fighting a few battles with the competition, Thibaut Courtois admitted that he plays in “his happy place”.

With Madrid hammering in the first half at the Valdebebas training ground in Los Angeles, Thibaut Courtois proved to be an immovable object, with a massive opening defense to deny Timo Werner that seemed like a definite goal.

Courtois will not be the only former Chelsea player expected to help Real Madrid qualify for the Champions League final. Eden Hazard, who spent seven years in West London, returned to fitness at the right time after a season of sustained injury failure and may be in line to make a debut against his old team.

Thibaut Courtois talks about his happy place

“From my first year in Madrid, I always felt like [it was] a second home. I met the mother of my children there as well,” he described Don Riedel of CNN Sport as a two-time Premier League and two-time league winner.

“So, obviously, when I got the chance to come back to Madrid to play in Madrid and be close to my kids, it was amazing to me… I personally, like playing for the biggest team in the world. It has always been a dream.”

“And to be closer to my children, to see them grow up every day, to bring them to school, to attend their after-school events. Which just makes someone happy. And I also think that is what you see on the field. Playing well and helping the team win. “

Apart from the Champions League feud, Real Madrid are still in the hunt for the Spanish League title. The current champions are two points behind Atletico, and Barcelona equalized with Real on a single point, leaving only a few rounds of matches. Real Madrid vs Chelsea Champions League semi-finals second leg will be played tonight at Stamford Bridge.

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