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HomeEPL (English Premier League)There's no reason to leave the Serie A giants: Sami Khedira

There’s no reason to leave the Serie A giants: Sami Khedira

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With Sami Khedira’s current terms only due to run until the summer of 2021, he moves toward the final 12 months of his Juventus contract, but he does not see any purpose to leave the Serie A giant.

When asked about his potential Ambition, He said on Instagram, “My deal with Juventus ends in 2021. I feel very happy in Italy and in the squad.”

“I got into the really strong squad so I’m really eager to capture several championships. I have more faith in my body now, and I don’t see any need to leave the team. I’m very pleased with Juventus and Turin.”

Juve may put up with that decision out of the hands of Khedira, as they prefer to find a buyer.

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