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HomeEPL (English Premier League)The clash between Koeman and Griezmann did not stop yet

The clash between Koeman and Griezmann did not stop yet

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The media dispute among Ronald Koeman, Barcelona coach and Antoine Griezmann continues. In the match against Croatia, the Barcelona striker scored and obliquely criticized the coach at the club.

“I feel good because coach Didier Deschamps knows which position to put me in and benefit from me,” Griezmann said on Wednesday, and Koeman told him at a press conference ahead of his visit to Getafe on Saturday, writes As.

“Everyone has a right to say what’s bothering them. We know it can happen. I spoke to Antoine yesterday afternoon, not because of what he said publicly, but to discuss his games and position. I want the best for the team and I think Griezmann should play more freely on the right-wing, although he can also play the position of ten and forward. In the end, I decide on the team and each player must do his best,” Koeman was clear.

The Dutchman was attacked even by French coach Didier Deschamps who felt free enough to comment on his player’s situation at the club.

“Griezmann plays in a position he has never played. Koeman uses him on the right-wing and even told him he doesn’t understand why the other coaches used him in the second position in attack. I think Antoine is much more useful in the middle of the field,” he said.

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