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The Barcelona coach does his dream job at Camp Nou

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Until coronavirus, the Barcelona coach does his dream job at Camp Nou.

The two old friends Quique Setien and Ramiro Amarelle gave a video chat at Beach Soccer Worldwide during the quarantine. Having coincided in the 1990s with the Spain beach soccer squad. The Barca coach and the former Barca beach soccer player have a good relationship.

During the talk, Setien explained how he got inspired by Johan Cruyff.

“To get the ball, I started to see how they played football, you’re starting to see the tactical aspects, and why things happen, you’re starting to analyze it, you’re realizing what you like, and you’re starting to get an idea in your head, and I’ve followed that.”

“I didn’t think too much about tactics until I saw Cruyff’s Barca, I went out onto the pitch to play and that was it.

Setien also explained how he and his family were in jail too.

He’s playing a lot of chess.

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