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Tebas warned clubs loss of € 700 million owing coronavirus

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Javier Tebas president of La Liga aims to restart the 2020-21 season on September 12, also warned clubs the total damage of € 700 million because of the coronavirus disruption.

Much of the logistical problems would rely on how simple lockout steps are taken by the country’s national governments, however, organizers worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make it realistic to resume the season says Tebas.  

“We are going to launch on June 11, God willing,” Tebas told Marca. “Let’s hope that Madrid and Barcelona will reach Phase Two.”

“At La Liga, there are over 130 people working so that all can be done in a new way: traveling, organizing, and everything.”

“We’re ready and the important thing is the day we finish the competition, and the next one starts on September 12.”

“Returning doesn’t mean we won’t lose millions. Our clubs are going to lose at least € 700 m and that’s going to have to be recovered. In that push, it’s going to be amazing to see who has believed in the industry from the beginning.”

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