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Tebas to Agnelli: Super League won’t make you more competitive

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La Liga president Javier Tebas has bestowed his thoughts on the initiators of the Super League.

“I cannot reveal what I am talking to Andrea Agnelli about, but he is not behind the creation of the Super League. He was behind a project to reform UEFA’s tournaments, but the clubs in Europe didn’t agree and that project died,” answered Tebas to Goal.

“He should try to make progress in Serie A. We discussed it with Agnelli. I told him:

Why are you going to join the Super League? Real Madrid and Barсa will continue to get more than you.” 

“You need to improve the Italian championship to be able to achieve more. Super League won’t make you more competitive.”

“Florentino Perez? They say he’s behind it all, but it’s a secret story, so I can’t know. I feel he likes this kind of project.”

“He is a great businessman in the construction industry and a great manager of Real Madrid, but he doesn’t understand the essence of big competitions and the Super League, he doesn’t realize what it will lead to.” 

“He is a savvy businessman, but I don’t think he is in that sense [in football] because Perez doesn’t understand the negative consequences that Super League can bring to his club. It could lead his club to collapse.”

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