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Tacchinardi and Sergio Brio claims Juventus deserved more respect from Ronaldo

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Cristiano Ronaldo has officially re-joined Manchester United after playing at Juventus for three years. Alessio Tacchinardi and Sergio Brio, former Juventus players, have targeted Cristiano Ronaldo following his move to Manchester United.

Alessio Tacchinardi and Sergio Brio thinks Cristiano Ronaldo’s football transfer to Manchester United demonstrated a lack of respect for Juventus and could have been handled differently. The Portugal captain completed a sensational return to Old Trafford at the end of the transfer window.

“He should have made a different exit, not leave with his private plane while Allegri spoke on the eve of the match against Empoli,” he told Tuttosport. “I would have expected a press conference to greet the fans. The Juventus people praised him; they deserved a different [goodbye]. To be told by Cristiano that he would go to a place where he felt like his home was not a beautiful image.” 

Ex-defender Brio, who played over 300 times for the Bianconeri, concurs: “Juve deserves more respect. I did not expect Cristiano to snub the Juventus club in this way; it is not nice on his part. For heaven’s sake, Cristiano remains a great player and professional, but the farewell could have taken place in another way and with other words.”

The forward scored 101 goals in 134 appearances while also winning two Serie A titles during his three-year stint with Juventus. Meanwhile, former Juventus midfielder Tacchinardi, who spent 13 years with the Turin giants and made over 400 appearances, believes Ronaldo should have shown more respect to the club.

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