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Suarez moved to Atletico Madrid leaving Barcelona in tears

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Luis Suarez departs Camp Nou and goes to Atletico Madrid.

The Uruguayan arrived in Barca from Liverpool six years ago and scored 198 goals. He is the third-best scorer in the history of the Blaugrana.

When Ronald Koeman arrived in Barcelona as the new coach, Suarez lost his place in the team and was practically expelled from the club. 

Journalist Fabrizio Romano on Twitter claims after training with team, the Uruguayan burst into tears when he was leaving the team’s training base.

For days it was written that Suarez was one step away from Juventus, but it got stuck with his Italian contract and the transfer failed, and this was used by Diego Simeone, who reacted immediately and sent the contract to the Uruguayan, which he accepted.

After buying Alvaro Morata from Chelsea for 56 million euros, Simone sent hm to Juventus to clear the attacking position and make room for Suarez.

Since 2014 Suarez has been a member of Barcelona. The Uruguayan striker scored 21 goals, and gave 10 assists taking part in 36 matches in all tournaments at the club level in the 2019/2020 season.

Suarez will soon turn 34 and will sign a two-year contract with the Madrid club. His annual salary will be 7.5 million euros, three times less than he received in Barca, but the Uruguayan is aware that he is at the zenith of his career, and that he was rejected in Barca.

Italian media filmed Suarez leaving the Barcelona training camp, and he could not hide his tears. Suarez comes to Atletico disappointed with the club’s action, which he gave six years of life and almost 200 goals.

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