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Stuart Webber: clubs will not be promoted to Premier Leagues unless they complete 2019-20 Championship

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Stuart Webber who is Norwich City’s sporting director, states that if the clubs can’t finish the 2019-20 Championship season they should not be relegated to Premier League.

With no change of matches until at least June 1, competitive sport in Britain has been on halt, regardless of the coronavirus pandemic, since March.

Webber argues that it will be unfair to relegate the Canaries to the pitch only to have a title team get promoted without playing again, and Norwich sitting at the edge of the Premier League, six points adrift of health.

Webber told Sky Sports, “It ought to be settled on the field in my mind, not off the ground.” “A huge problem we have about restarting is, whether we restart and three teams are eliminated, that’s great – we’re looking at things as though we’re only six points from 16th instead of drifting.”

“But if we should get relegated that’s cool because that’s where you will play football. Join games on a pitch and not in the boardroom. But they do have to restart the Championship and complete all their games.”

“It’s a little like saying we can’t finish the FA Cup, but we’re in the quarter-finals, we’ve defeated a top-six Championship team away, we’ve defeated two Premier League teams away, and does that mean we’re winning the FA Cup so qualifying for Europe so we’re all having a trophy, as the number of games we’ve played is better than the other quarter-finals teams left?”

“It is a really significant sports issue-it has to be decided on the field, both up and down.”