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Stefano Pioli has high hopes for Rafael Leao

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On Friday, Milan coach Stefano Pioli wants a strong game against Atalanta. Pioli also thinks that Rafael Leao will ‘explode’ next season.

“The team is going well and everybody is available,” Pioli told Sky Sport Italia after the match.”

“The great thing is that we tried to win it to the end, this is the most important thing.”

“We must do great work, we are Milan and we will continue to grow. Let’s talk about the two games left and then we will relax until we go again.”

“We want to provide consistency to what we are doing, and if we can change it, we will.”

“Leao has enormous potential, it’s fair to have high hopes for him. He’s growing, this year he will be important for the next season.”

“He looks much better in training than in the game, but he can get there. Today, he was optimistic but he can do more. He has the quality to open the games, from the beginning or coming off the bench.”

“Next year he could explode, or at least be more compatible.”