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Stam blames Ronaldo for the forced exit of Man United

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Stam blames Ronaldo for the forced exit of Man United. According to Jaap Stam, Cristiano Ronaldo intentionally forced Manchester United to leave, and everyone involved will likely acknowledge that they might have behaved better. With an explosive interview with Piers Morgan in which he aimed at prominent members of the Red Devils’ past and present, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner saw a lucrative contract at Old Trafford torn up, allowing him to become a free agent, and this rendered his position with Premier League heavyweights untenable.

Ronaldo had already tried to leave once over the summer, but the transfer deadline passed without a deal being completed. According to Stam, the Portuguese player understood exactly what he was doing at that moment after having his playing time restricted by Erik ten Hag. Speaking about the protracted Ronaldo controversy, former United defender Stam said, “He did it on purpose.”

In terms of “how are we going to organize things so that I may quit the club?” there was a plan behind it. You could see where it was heading from the start-up until this point. Not participating, not being selected for the team, being substituted out, not being used, leaving the field, and then claiming that from United’s perspective as well, we talked about it and the debate over who is correct in each of these circumstances. Everything that has been happening has been planned out so that you can leave the club.

The following phase was to conduct an interview and say a few things that would later come back to haunt you and force your departure. It’s not a great circumstance. I’ve always been curious about how working with him started when he joined the team, how the conversations with Ronaldo went, and how the decision to not use him was made. And when Ronaldo stated, “I want to leave and go somewhere else,” perhaps they might have reached an understanding and broken up their relationship at the start of the season. He understood that they needed to fire him because of what he had said and done regarding the manager, the team, and the owners.

When questioned further about if Ronaldo had begun to feel greater than the club, Stam, a member of United’s storied 1999 treble-winning team, responded, “The club is the most important thing.” He is aware of this, as is his agent, and so is everyone else. The problem is that everyone is aware of Ronaldo’s skill as a player and his continued prominence as a player, a household name in football, and a major factor in everything he does.

In some ways, I concur with his perception that he is still, was, or could be very essential to the team, but the management is making other choices. I don’t think it’s been a good way how those things have been handled. From the club’s perspective, perhaps they might have handled it a little differently, but from Ronaldo’s perspective as well, he ought to have known better how to handle specific circumstances. Both parties could have resolved the conflict more amicably if you had that much experience, had participated in so many competitions, and had amassed so many awards both individually and collectively.

Although there has been talking of interest from England, the USA, and Saudi Arabia, a decision on Ronaldo’s future is not expected to be made until after Qatar attempts to win another World Cup, despite Al-Nassr reportedly having made a sizable offer. Portugal is scheduled to play South Korea on Friday after already securing their place in the last 16.

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