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Sparta Prague to not face disciplinary action by UEFA

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Sparta Prague will not be sanctioned by UEFA due to a lack of proof of racism or discriminatory behaviour. In their Europa League encounter against Rangers, UEFA found insufficient proof of discriminatory behaviour against Sparta Prague and the football club will not face disciplinary action.

The game was originally scheduled to be played behind closed doors following the racial abuse of Monaco midfielder Aurelien Tchouameni in August, but roughly 10,000 schoolchildren and accompanying parents were allowed to attend. The booing of Rangers’ black players overshadowed the game, with Glen Kamara appearing to be the target of, particularly loud comments.

Last March, UEFA ruled that Kamara was the victim of racist abuse from Ondrej Kudela during Rangers’ match against Slavia Prague, Sparta’s Czech rivals. The governing body of European football announced that no further action will be taken following an inquiry by a UEFA Ethics and Disciplinary Inspector.

A statement confirmed: “In accordance with Article 31(4) of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations, a UEFA Ethics and Disciplinary Inspector was appointed to conduct a disciplinary investigation regarding potential discriminatory incidents which allegedly occurred during the 2021-22 UEFA Europa League group stage match between AC Sparta Prague and Rangers FC played on September 30, 2021.”  

“The investigation has now concluded that there was insufficient evidence of racism or discriminatory conduct at the match to warrant the opening of disciplinary proceedings against AC Sparta Prague.” After the game, Sparta issued a statement to insist any allegations of racism were unfounded.

The club said, “It is absolutely unbelievable that after a match we have to watch innocent children being attacked and face unfounded accusations of racism. You are describing the behaviour of children incorrectly, arrogating to yourself the right to judge the expression of emotions of six-year-old children who have no idea what racism is. It’s an impertinence.”

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