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Spanish Government is due to pay over 29 million euros to Sandro Rosell

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The Spanish Government for over 29 million euros, by Sandro Rosell who spent two years in jail.

The former president of Barcelona spent had allegations and spent two years in police custody before his accusations got cleared.

Apart from the taxpayers, Rosell wants the public officials-the judge, police and prosecutors-who made his arrest, to pay him 29 million euros, reveals information published by El Mundo (via Marca).

In particular, after being arrested on suspicion of money trafficking Rosell seeks 29,754,465.02 euros in compensation.

The vast majority of it – 28,062,950 euros – falls from Rosell’s business losses during his tenure behind bars.

The charges are of the loss he suffered during his 2 years of jail, owing to his reputation (405,000 euros), psychological damage (200,000 euros), and emotional damage (320,000 euros) as a consequence of his time in prison.

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