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Spain vs Costa Rica 7-0 Win

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Can anyone stop Luis Enrique’s team after their terrifyingly overwhelming performance in their World Cup debut against Costa Rica? They quickly took control of the game even though almost everyone was prepared for endless spans of Spanish possession. In barely 10 minutes, Dani Olmo scored the game’s first goal and allowed the floodgates open as Costa Rica capitulated and was unable to approach La Roja, who controlled the field with their tiki-taka style of play.

Spain, dressed all in red, ironically resembled Manchester City because of how they stretched out the field and fluidly switched the ball from back to front. Furthermore, it must be emphasized that Costa Rica did not provide any resistance to Luis Enrique’s team, although they deserve praise for a rabid and, significantly, prolific performance. Instead, they could only watch as Spain strolled the ball around them carelessly, utterly controlling the game without breaking a sweat, and maintaining the outstanding performance into injury time.

The Performing Side:

Gavi: Spain has two young midfield stars who are already in charge as if they only had one with all the potential in the world. Of course, they do, after all. The 2022 Golden Boy and whether or if he is genuinely up to the challenge like his colleague Pedri have received a lot of attention. But my, my, did he put those detractors of Costa Rica to rest.

His ability to dribble, his vision, and his skill were all displayed in a polished and mature performance. But his objective was what truly sealed the deal and emphasized everything that made him so remarkable. There are plenty of skills, ideas, and confidence. The sheer chutzpah of attempting that What an actor.

Pedri: Gavi, who at age 18 became Spain’s youngest World Cup player and scorer, generated all the attention leading up to this match. With that, it’s simple to overlook the fact that Pedri is only 19 years old. His skill is terrifying for a boy who will turn 20 in two days.

The ball naturally gravitates towards Pedri since he is virtually always in the ideal position and is continuously visualizing the pitch. That, combined with his superb technical skill and outstanding vision, makes him the ideal midfielder. Are we claiming that he is the ideal midfielder? No, since he is still a teenager and still has a long way to go—a reality that is even more repulsive.

Barcelona: The Blaugrana are nonetheless fortunate to have two of the most Barcelona-like young midfielders in an era when the club is perpetually on the verge of bankruptcy and is widely seen as the epitome of all that is wrong with the modern game.

They can’t slither anymore with Pedri and Gavi on the field. The two are a ray of optimism for the team and will unavoidably pump new life into Camp Nou so that Barcelona can advance once more. If they are unable to, they can sell them for a high price. Win-win situation.

The Losing Side:

Pau Torres: Torres and Eric Garcia both deserve honorable mentions. We can use the defense that this was the first game against a friendly opponent and was thus the best opportunity for Spain to play a rotated side, but with Rodri in defense, they looked unstoppable. The midfielder complemented Aymeric Laporte perfectly and was essential in assisting his team’s overload in possession, which was the foundation of their strategy.

It’s difficult to see a scenario where Luis Enrique chooses Torres, especially given how regularly he performs that position for Manchester City. Torres has received far too much attention for him to already be abandoned. It reveals what a truly excellent manager thinks of him.

Spain’s Kit: We’re not sure who is to blame for Gavi wearing the number nine shirt and Spain sporting an all-red uniform, but we’ll venture a guess and blame Spain’s kit man. utterly terrible Although Spain isn’t known for playing with a true center forward, that doesn’t mean the midfielder should wear the striker’s jersey. Some people will adore the shorts, while others will detest them — and for good reason. Simply put, Spain looks best in blue shorts. Either someone has had a washing machine nightmare, or this was a terrible choice.

Germany: The burden is on Hansi Flick’s team to win their next match after they fell to Japan 2-1 in their World Cup debut. They must accomplish this at La Roja’s expense, who have been brilliant.

Costa Rica didn’t teach us anything new about Spain’s qualifications, and Germany is still a fantastic team. However, when compared side by side, Luis Enrique’s guys appear to be considerably sharper and more productive. Germany should be quite concerned with the additional strain of requiring a win.

For more World Cup 2022 Match Highlights and Results, keep watching this space.

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