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Solskjaer is happy to win after a pause at national team matches

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Ole-Gunnar Solskjaer, head coach of Manchester United commented on his victory over West Bromwich (1:0) in the 9th round of the Premier League.

“It’s nice to win after a pause at national team matches. We needed this victory at home. Until the very end of the match we had to worry, although we had to score one or two goals more to feel more comfortable,” he told BBC after the match.

“In games against cool footballers, you never feel comfortable. The opponent had his moments, and De Gea made two cool saves. Little details decide the outcome of the matches, but the results affect the mood.” 

About Bruno Fernandes’ second penalty kick because the goalkeeper came off the line:

“The same thing happened to De Gea at the beginning of the season when he made the save, but he was an inch from the line.”

“That must be the beauty of Bruno’s performance when the goalkeeper twitches a second earlier. Sam [Johnstone] has become a good goalkeeper.”

“Again and again you discuss the rule of assigning a penalty for playing with your hand. But we end up in a penalty shootout with the ball in our legs. So with VAR, a light touch may be enough. The situation is different from when I played.”

About the fact that West Bromwich could get a penalty kick:

“I saw today’s match between Aston Villa and Brighton – contact with the ball and then the player. If you ask me, it could be a penalty.”

“Maybe we were a little lucky here, but none of the penalties were ever awarded. Maybe the rules are different from the way I interpret them.”

Rupal Purohit
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