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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Solskjaer: Cavani is apologetic for his social media post 

Solskjaer: Cavani is apologetic for his social media post 

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Head coach Ole-Gunnar Solskjaer of Manchester United said about the situation with Edinson Cavani.

Cavani replied after playing with “Southampton” (3:2), to congratulations with the phrase: “Gracias negrito”. The post was later removed.

“Edinson is truly deeply sorry for the mistake he made. There was no malice, just a gentle answer for a friend. We explained to him that the FA had asked him to explain what had happened. Сavani will cooperate with them, we will support him,” said Solskjaer to ESPN.

“The situation is unfortunate. He has just come from Uruguay to England, he has other associations with the word, but we support him. We also support the FA, because it is important that the association has asked for clarification. We want to fight against discrimination together with everyone.”

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