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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Solskjaer aspires Paul Pogba to show some leadership

Solskjaer aspires Paul Pogba to show some leadership

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said to Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba that on the field he needs to give off the sort of leadership that made him a World Cup champion with France as he returns to the Premier League action.

“He is a champion of the World Cup and we like his leadership on the pitch too,” Solskjaer told reporters (via Reuters).

“He also displayed quality. He’s one of the world’s strongest midfielders and ideally, we’ll get that started as soon as possible. We will slowly bring him back to his maximum over the next few months.”

“Paul has had his difficult season with loads of injuries this year, of course, but I can see his mentality and concentration now that he’s fit and trained and available. He’s ready to play again and to prove himself.”

Rupal Purohit
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