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Solskjaer after 1-2 with Sheffield: we will all come under criticism

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Head coach of Manchester United, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has explained the 1-2 defeat to Sheffield United in the 20th round of the EPL.

“I think we will all come under criticism after that game – the team and myself. I don’t think Martial will be an exception,” said Solskjaer at the press conference.

“We should be criticised because we didn’t get a result in this game. Martial works hard in training, with an emphasis on chances and movement. I have no doubt he will be fine.”

“There are many sides to the game. In this match we made passes that were of insufficient quality, we lacked rhythm, tempo and quality when passing. Not enough runs, despite the fact that spaces were created. Especially in the first half.”

“The lads have been great for months, playing consistently at a very high level. On this night, we couldn’t reach it. When that happens in Premier League matches, these are the results.”

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