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Sol Campbell urged Arsenal to give him Arteta’s job

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Former Southend United manager Sol Campbell believes Arsenal’s defence is making basic mistakes and that Chelsea was a “cut above” in Sunday’s win. Campbell has outlined the club’s issues under manager Mikel Arteta and urged Arsenal to “just give me the job”. 

For the first time in history, Gunners opened a season with two losses and no goals scored in two games with falling to Chelsea 2-0 match score at home on Sunday. Former Arsenal defender Campbell said the problems exposed by the Chelsea defeat were alarmingly simple. “It’s hard watching Arsenal at the moment, it’s really hard,” the former Macclesfield Town and Southend United boss told talkSPORT football news.

Campbell has won the Premier League twice with Arsenal, including the famous ‘Invincibles’ season in 2003-04. “It’s just the effort and the quality. Yes, we’ve spent a lot of money, the most in England at the moment, but it’s the quality, the consistency, the experience.”

“We’re always looking for the potential, it’s always good to have potential, but sometimes you want that instant guaranteed success. This is a very, very young side, you have to remember that, there is a lack of experience – but it’s the basics! Some of the players need to do the basics. You can lose, but the way we conceded some goals were too easy. The reaction times of some of the defenders not backing each other up, not assessing danger.”

“The first goal has slipped across the six-yard box – get back and defend. Don’t just wait! That’s simple, that’s A, B, C defending. Allow Chelsea to score really good goals, not those simple goals. It’s too easy. The gulf of talent and experience was on show. You couldn’t really miss it. Chelsea had so much time and space. They were a cut above.”

He added with a laugh: “I tell you what, I’d help them. Just give me the job and I’ll help them out! I’ll tell you how to get out of a two-man press against Brentford! I mean, what’s going on here?”

“We go back to that game [a 2-0 defeat on August 15], it’s a two-man press, it’s quite easy to work out! You go flatter and that pressing midfielder has to run another 10 or 15 yards, which then gives you more space in the middle of the park. That’s really simple!”

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