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Simon Kjaer still shook by Christian Eriksen’s collapse during Euro 2020

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Inter Milan defender Simon Kjaer admits he can’t get over thinking of his Denmark teammate Christian Eriksen’s collapse. Kjaer claims he can’t go more than one or two days without thinking of former Inter football player Eriksen. ‘It’s become a part of us.’

Kjaer was hailed as a hero after quickly putting Eriksen in the recovery position. He also covered him from the crowd and cameras during a cardiac massage and comforting the Inter midfielder’s partner during their opening UEFA EURO 2020 game.

“There’s a day, maybe two, that go by when I don’t think about it. No more than that,” Kjaer confessed to Sport Bild. “It has become part of us. When we played against Scotland in the World Cup qualifier, we entered the Parkenstadion in normal circumstances, but the bad memories flared right up.”

“I had to take it one step at a time. First during the warm-up, then the anthem, it all shocked me a little, personally. Once we started playing, though, the feeling was similar to what we experienced there against Belgium and Russia in the Euros. In that stadium, you feel more protected and secure than any other place in the world.”

Kjaer was too shaken to play the rest of the game when the UEFA EURO 2020 match against Finland resumed after both teams were assured Eriksen was fine and in hospital. Denmark went on to reach the tournament’s semi-finals, where they were defeated by England in extra time.

Within a month’s time, Eriksen recovered completely and was fitted with a cardiac implant, preventing him from playing in Serie A. Kjaer was asked if he still hopes to play with Eriksen again, either for Denmark or in a Milan derby. “I’ve said it a hundred times and I’ll say it another hundred times: the only thing that matters is that Christian is ok. All the rest is not important for me.”

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