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Shapps urged fans not to travel Turkey for Champions League Final

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Istanbul last hosted the Champions League final in 2005, when Liverpool defeated AC Milan. Chelsea and Manchester City fans should not travel to Turkey for the Champions League final, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps says, after the country was included in England’s Red List. The biggest game in European football will take place on 29 May in Istanbul.

The Champions League final between Manchester City and Chelsea in Istanbul has been complicated by government travel advice. Since Turkey was put on the country’s travel “red list,” UEFA and the Football Association are in discussions of transferring the Champions League final from Istanbul to the United Kingdom.

Shapps said that the government is open to hosting the Champions League Final game in England. He also confirmed that the Football Federation was in talks with Uefa about changing the game, but it was “ultimately a decision for Uefa”.

“The UK has a successful record in hosting matches, so we are able to do that,” he said. “So we are very open to it, but in reality, it is a decision for Uefa. But, given that there are two English clubs in the finals, we look forward to hearing what they have to say. “

Manchester City and Chelsea qualified for the May 29 showpiece with wins over PSG and Real Madrid, respectively, this week.

Speaking at a news conference on Friday, the UK’s secretary of state for transport Grant Shapps said according to Wales Online: “Fans should not travel to Turkey. The FA is in discussions with UEFA on this.

The government will seek solutions to any situation surrounding the final, including a search for travel waivers for players and club staff. British nationals returning from red-listed countries must be left in a government-approved hotel for 10 days.

If the final is to be held in England, Wembley Stadium, the most obvious venue for the host, is already set to host the championship final on 29 May.

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