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Serie A welcomed a new health protocol

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FIGC and Serie A have accepted on a new health protocol to be ‘promptly submitted’ to the Italian Government.

If one of their players tested positive for coronavirus it forced the clubs to go to a quarantine camp for two weeks so they withdrew the original plan of group training which was all set to begin on Monday.

To decide on a list of amendments the Lega Serie A and the federation have been engaged in talks this morning and have achieved a positive outcome.

“A meeting was held this morning, in an atmosphere of active collaboration, between the FIGC, Lega Serie A, President of the FMSI [Federation of Italian Medics] Maurizio Casasco and the representative of Serie A doctors, Gianni Nanni,” it read.

“The points of the protocol that were difficult to implement were analyzed, and some additions have been drawn constructively up to resolve the objective problems.

“There was a general agreement on the final proposals, formulated to ensure the safe resumption of ground training, which will be promptly submitted to the Minister for Sport and Youth Policies, the Minister of Health and the scientific committee.”

Football Italia says Top-flight sides are asking for no group isolation in the event of a positive test, the abolition of quarantine camps, and no legal liability for medics.

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