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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Seamus Coleman gave an honest review of Everton performance at Wolves

Seamus Coleman gave an honest review of Everton performance at Wolves

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Seamus Coleman criticized the motivation, dedication, and attitude of the team while giving an impartial evaluation of the performance of Everton at Wolves.

“It was, really very bad,” Coleman told Sky Sports.

“No hiding places. We have got to ask ourselves some tough questions. We may all play poorly, misplace passes but when there is no attitude and there’s no motivation. The stronger team defeated us.”

“Maybe we’re not where we thought we are – 11th in the table. We’re demanding more as players and as a club. We need to dig deep while it won’t be good enough for this manager. So it’s certainly not good enough for this club team for the way I’ve been brought up in this soccer club.”

“We have good players but today there was not the attitude and the desire. We ought to be more involved on a regular basis to always work together.”

“That won’t be sufficient enough for this boss. We need to be stronger as a squad, and question ourselves if we’re strong enough for this football club to play for.”

“He’s a top manager. We can’t hide behind the bosses anymore. We’ve been hiding long behind bosses.”