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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Scott Parker calls Premier League decision to reaarage Tottenham game as scandalous

Scott Parker calls Premier League decision to reaarage Tottenham game as scandalous

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The Premier League decision to rearrange Fulham’s game at Tottenham on Wednesday was “scandalous” said Scott Parker.

The manager of Fulham said that the opportunity to play Spurs, whose original opponents Aston Villa had an outbreak of coronavirus, was raised on the weekend, but that the final decision was relayed to the club as late as Monday morning.

“I’m normally always the last one to moan or whine about anything because I realise it’s tough out there and this is the way it is, but what’s happened to us [is unfair],” Parker said claim The Guardian.

“To confirm a Premier League game as well – this is the Premier League, one of the best leagues in the world – to confirm that at 9.30 on Monday morning is scandalous really, to be honest with you.”

“It’s not about the fixture. The fixture is – to be honest with you – that’s fine, I accept that we have to play but it’s the notice.”

“Maybe people in these places don’t understand how you manage teams and how you manage players but you’re constantly working out well in advance, and the decisions that I would have made or we would have made – whether that’s against QPR or players that are just coming back.”

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