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Scaroni assumes that Milan has some infected players

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Scaroni told the pair Paolo Maldini and his son Daniel were believed to be the only COVID-19 cases in Milan and are ‘doing fine now’ in the path to rehabilitation.

Scaroni assumes that Milan ‘has some infected players on the rebound’ and sees Zlatan trying to ’return to the field.

Ibrahimovic trained with Hammarby in his homeland Sweden and is now expected to return to the peninsula by next Monday.

“We have some infected players on the recover but now the two Maldinis are going fine.” the president of the team told WarRoom.

“Milanello is open and we have begun practicing again and holding our distance. We are taking steps to reset.”

“We need to get accustomed to dealing with the virus and it extends to football as well. It is not necessary to remain still before the infection risk is zero.”

“After all, we should follow the German formula which brings those who are ill into quarantine while the others proceed.”